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Fanfic Lucifer: Dr Martin's Interesting Appointment

Lucifer characters owned by Fox, Old Testament and New Testament

This is my try at a tiny fan fic. Thought you could be my audience.


Dr Linda Martin’s Journal

Listed under Lucifer Family Files

At noon I had a married couple who came to see me. They are known as an multi Academy Award winning actress and a multiple Superbowl winning QB.


The man insisted to be called Yeshua but Joshua was fine. The woman said to just call her Mary. Of course as actress and QB they go by different names.

At first I thought it was a joke when Mary said her stepbrother Lucifer mentioned they should come for marriage counseling. Yeshua then lifted his arm and a hole appeared through the wrist.


Jesus Christ I thought I actually had Jesus and Mary Magdeline in front of me.

I asked why they needed marriage counseling.

Mary said “we really have nothing in common any more. I have been acting for centuries and before involved with royal families around the world usually as singer.  He always played in sports now in last century or so we are apart months at a time”.


Yeshua replied “I tell her that’s modern sports we travel all over country”.

I confess I was confused. “You two are not married, I mean your bodies are not.”

Mary answered “We slide into people with budding talent and enhance their ability. Now we can only slip away when our bodies is either in offseaason or between movies”.


Yeshua replied quickly “Except for our anniversary. Remember the disaster of BlowUpGate?”

I nodded. I well remember that.

Mary replied “Of course I remember. You, Luci and Maze were glued to the tv watching the game. Then you complained when you found out the next day what a stupid human he is.”


Yeshua replied “If I had been there instead of at our retreat in the Southern City I would have talked my human into expanding the footballs”

“Southern City” I asked since I suspected a flare up was coming and I remembered when Lucifer punched the walls.


“Hell” they replied together.

“You would rather play a game then be with me?” she asked him.

“Its sports not a game”

I then asked if they ever decided to work together.

Yeshua answered “Oh once. Ever see Gone With The Wind. I would rather relive my day with Pilate. Never did I meet a man who gave one silly order after an other. Sit here, stand, aim your face left and also face the camera. All day for weeks. The memorizing of lines to really a horrible story.”


Mary replied “I remember when you said “Frankly My Dear I Don’t Give A Damn” was aimed at me not my character it was your voice not the actors”.

Yeshua stared back “True, I was exasperated. Last line I ever said”.

Have you thought about other careers that you will both like?

They both laughed. Mary simply said “Lucifer is right you are amusing at times, we love the cheers and applause. He tried not being in sports but sports always made him happy.”


Yeshua “And marriage to models. Oh I said that aloud didn’t I”.

Mary just glared at him “after a 100 years of marriage open marriages is the only way to go but one should not say things like that aloud. Although I had many male models”.


Yeshua “you were a help, you listened, I have a plane to catch. Doctor tell Luci thanks for me”.

Mary “I have to get back to the studio. May stop at Luci’s place after. Join me and Maze for drinks.”


End of journal

Ok that was a stinky fan fiction. I may do another. Maybe less stinky.

Thoughts? Besides where do I get my time back.

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