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Fangirl Central: Sleepy Hollow's Back Tonight

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As a Black female sci-fi/fantasy fan, I can't help but squee a bit for Sleepy Hollow. I loved Gina Torres as Zoe in Firefly, but how long ago was that on the air? (Forever down with the Browncoats!) I love, lurve, luffed Fringe, but Jaskia Nicole should have had way more screen time. And a girl can only dress up as Uhura every other Halloween.


It's amazing to see such a diverse cast headed by a strong Black woman. Abbie Mills isn't a token, she's not a "magical negro", and she's not above reproach or mistakes. She's just a regular person—in an incredible situation. And I totally support that, love that, and will buy the damn dvd/tshirt/magnet set to keep it on the air. Enjoy tonight, everyone!

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