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When I can’t sleep, I have several fantasies I engage in to help me focus and relax. I’d be curious what your fantasies would be using these parameters:

1. You are gifted 3 storefronts that are contiguous. The one in the middle is the largest, and the other two are a bit smaller. All have really great windows to the sidewalk, and there is a lot of foot traffic and traffic traffic as well. You can make those storefronts into anything you wish (except you can’t combine them and make one thing) - what do you choose? You don’t need to be realistic about money or about making money.

2. Someone has passed away and, unbeknownst to you, was ridiculously rich. Ridiculously. Her lawyer calls you to tell you she left you a boatload of money. Here’s the catch: you get 100 billion dollars, and if you donate at least half of it to charities, non-profits and other good orgs - you get 50 billion a year every year till you die, with the expectation that you will donate a chunk of that annual amount as well. What do you do with your part (don’t be cliché and say “travel around the world” and pay mortgages - this is a fantasy - be wild!)? What do you do with the amount you donate? When you talk about this - tell me exactly what you do first - like what do you do when you leave the lawyer’s office? What do you do that night? The next week? How will you spend your time once you are that rich?


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