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I only read the first two Harry Potter movies and saw the first two movies.

I subscribe to Grace Randolph’s youtube channels and this video something about it annoyed me. It concerns the relation of these two men. I do not agree with her statement that a lgbt relationship cannot be all ages since it involves the topic of sex. Why would that involve sex discussion any more then a heterosexual couple would? As a child and I saw a heterosexual couple in a child’s movie I thought oh they are dating or married. Sex never occured to me.

Although let on she said to keep the relationship pg13 so her starting section seemed unneeded and ignorant. I also think its good Rawlings has lgbt characters and not just portray her world as heterosexual only like overwhelming majority of kids books did before.


For children movies I see no reason why you cannot have a lgbt couple and not touch sex. We have done it for decades with portraying opposite sex couples as a loving couple without touching subject of sex. Kids are not dumb they will recognize a same sex couple as datng and married without sex coming in mind. Plus no matter what they will still see any couple as risking getting cooties whether its same sex or not.

I do not actually know if young children still believe in cooties but its some unidentifiable thing you get when you kiss which we believed in the 70s. One day I will google the term.

Also Grace really loved Call Me By Your Name which never came to my area. Is it good?

Also I never read the books so no idea what she meant by queerbaitng. It seems by her description Grendelwald was using Dumbledore’s sexuality to seduce him. Does this mean Grendelwald was not gay? No clue. Also term queerbaiting seems offensive.


I actually am unfamiliar with the term I heard of it but nit a definition. Another thing to google.

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