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Fantastic Fall Food Fan Fare!

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I am so excited about fall! Fall is my favorite! the flavors and the weather and the dressing up(Also just started a Glow Cloud costume. Shout out to Shiny Chrome Witnessed Bot and her super awesome kid whose idea I am totally stealing) and the candy and yay! Yay indeed! BoyHeathen and I have decided to take the opportunity of the fall to try as many different varieties of winter squash as possible in as many different ways as we can- tonight we are doing a coffee rub london broil with sweet dumpling squash mash and mustard greens. I have a Yummly account so hopefully will be able to break out of the roast/stuff and roast/mash trap that is so easy to do with squash. At some point this winter I am going to cook a goddamn chicken in a pumpkin like my name was Peter Peter. And the turnips, and the beets and PARSNIPS- mo’fo parsnips! Super excited about the harvest veg coming in now!


So, I have the Yummly and the Pinterest and the internet and you know, but like I feel like they all end up having the same basic recipes all the time. You guys got any good recipes for fall? Lets share all the sweet and savory goodness! I have a killer mashed root vegetable recipe to start, this recipe makes um.. like a bunch.

like a pound of Yukon gold potatoes, one or two big russet potatoes, a bag of parsnips, a sweet onion, one small bulb of fennel and a couple shallots. You need a dutch oven with a good fitting lid. dice up your veg and sautee it in batches in a couple tablespoons of oil. then when everything is a little brown and your dutch oven is good and hot, toss everybody into the pot, add a little stock (it depends on your vegetables but I usually end up using about a half of a cup- you just want enough to kind of help steamify your veg) a couple good pinces of salt and I personally really like Herbs de Provence because they are super tasty with root veg. I also add maybe a little butter. Slap on your lid and bake the hell out of those guys at 375 for 45 mins to an hour. Your house should smell roasty toasty. All of your veg should be super soft and practically all of the stock should have been steamed up and absorbed. Then start adding your butter and half and half while mashing to the creaminess and consistency you like. Serve to a grateful table.

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