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Welcome To The Bitchery

I hope, like supposedly with Comey’s firing, Trump spent last night inhaling news, confused about why so many people are mad at him. After all, he’s a dumb idiot. Polls show 73% of Americans wanted us to stay in the Accord for various reasons. There are at least 9x as many jobs in renewable energy as coal, and the market has created that before the Obama administration touched the situation. Oil companies have been researching and developing alternatives for years. Companies are relying on the planet to survive and the economy to stay global.

I’m sure he thought “business” would support this decision. It won’t. Unlike politicians (or rich babies who squander their daddies’ fortunes), business leaders do have to live in reality. I’m not on their side thinking they are being altruistic; it’s just that I’m on their side in the sense that “yes, humans should continue to survive” and “no, let’s not piss off our trading partners.”


Tinfoil hat time: Bannon and company are trying to isolate us from the world and our economy crashing would be fine with them. They want Russia on our side to this end. Then they wouldn’t have the world involved to pay attention to our human rights. Trump is the idiot who just doesn’t realize that will fuck his companies over.

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