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Fantasy baseball sign up for league "Princess FluffyBunt" on Yahoo

Last night i set up the league on Yahoo! Fantasy. We need at least three more teams to do a draft. I have a draft scheduled for 1 pm CST on friday Mar 21st. It will autodraft so if you can't make it you won't lose players but it's best if you can try to be involved since you want to try to get the best players available. The time isn't set in stone however. Also keep in mind there is a yahoo! Fantasy app for Iphone and Android. I will do another post explaining the rules and scoring when i get home from work later tonight for those who have never done fantasy baseball and want to participate. Right now if you are intersted in playing please give your email address so i cna invite you. if you're not comfterable leaving it here, you can email me at joel_robinson@yahoo.com.

Edit: I guess I should also mention that I made the league invite only to avoid trolls or people who know Jez from coming in and fucking things up. Just send me your email if you want an invite.


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