Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So sometimes, when my job is really boring and my brain would rather be somewhere else; I like to pretend I am a *Very Important* Hollywood producer (who possibly also imports monogrammed coffee mugs- like super important) and could make the movies/ teevee shows I want and cast them however I feel.

Like the Joe Hill book NOS4A2 with John Malkovich as Charlie Manx and Jennifer Lawrence as grown up Vic. Or a Dark Tower series with Tom Felton(with dyed hair, natch) as Eddie Dean; Taraji P Henson as Susannah Dean (Odetta/Detta); Benedict Cumberbatch as super special cameo Martin Broadcloak; and .....walk with me here... Jensen Ackles as Roland.


Literally- does anyone else do this? Share in the comments if you do this weird thing

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