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Fantasy Casting for Expendabelles

Okay, I got a little excited on the MP thinking up my dream cast for a female Expendables, but now I really want it to be a thing.


C+P below if you don't feel like clicking:

I am... weirdly down for Expendabelles? Let's nominate some badasses to be in the cast:

Gina Torres: the fearless leader who takes no shit

Phylicia Rashad: the tech lady who fucks up the other ladies when they break her awesome guns

Maggie Q: the one with the mysterious backstory who all the other women are slightly scared of, but love anyway because they trust her with their lives

Keke Palmer: as the young one who's in over her head but comes into her own under Gina's tutelage.

Michelle Rodriguez: the one who dies in the end (sorry not sorry)

Other people had some really great suggestions for other actresses who could fill out the cast (can't believe I forgot Lucy Lawless and Mila Jovovich!) and since the peen movie has like 15 guys we don't have to limit ourselves lol.


So I'm putting it to you GT! Who would you put in the cast? My favourite suggestion that I didn't think of was Gwendolyn Christie. I'm so excited I'm gone all the way back round to disappointment because I know it won't happen! Poo.

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