Is there a TV show? Is there a movie? A miniseries? Is there a couple? A love triangle? Do they have unresolved sexual tension? If not, can you project unresolved sexual tension onto them? Do they touch, at any point? Okay, do they almost touch? Even better. Can you slow down moments that take 0.5 seconds in real life to be 20 second meaningful gazes? FAN VIDEO.

Seriously folks, if you can dream it, it is a fan video for a relationship. This came up today because I watched The Awakening (a horror movie) last night and was going to write a post about it. I went poking for clips, and found Dominic West exchanging tender glances with the lady from Vicky Cristina Barcelona:

Okay, to be fair to this particular video: these are the main characters, and they do have a whole thing in the movie, it's actually an important plot point and it is very sweet. But also: horror movie. I did not anticipate this. I have a whole theory about how (mostly) girls make videos like this because it's lightly erotic in a socially sanctioned way, which is the most you can hope to get away with as a young woman and not be shamed/judged.

Anyway, I'm not ungrateful. I have watched key makeout scenes from a lot of shows I never really followed. Youtube is great.