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Fareed Zakaria: US Relinquished Being Leader of Free World Today

Thank you all, you ignorant Trump voters. At least none here. Trump just relinquished our leadership in the free world to I would say Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Xi from China.

In less then six months we went from leader of the free world to I have no idea what. I will say this there is no way in hell either Germany or China will relinquish it. None.

I miss complaining about another Clinton Bush race. As much as I want Hillary I would gladly settle for Jeb or Kasich.


When Trump said nations won’t be laughing at us I knew this is not about economics, politics, globalism or what’s best for the nation. This was paranoia and conspiracy theory with hatred of President Obama along with spite against NATO.

I still believe he will pull out of NATO. Especially since according to Dana Bash she believes Bannon and Steve Miller wrote the speech.

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