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Farewell Grammy Douche, We Hardly Knew Ye...

It is official: my 1999 Toyota Rav4, née Grammy Douche, is no more.

So here's the update to the car accident I got into on Friday:


1. It turns out that I have acute whiplash and a mild concussion, as a result of the accident. I'm going back to the doctor again tomorrow because I still have a ton of pain and pressure behind my temples and for some weird reason, especially behind my left eye. I've been having a lot of trouble concentrating and keeping anything straight at work, but I can't afford to not be there. It is not fun.

2. My car is totaled. Got the official word from my insurance yesterday. Also, apparently, my insurance only covers other cars in an accident, not mine. Dafuq?


3. It doesn't matter, because the claims adjusters between my company, the company of the woman in front of me, and the company of the guy behind me who caused the vast majority of the damage have all agreed that he is the liable party.

4. So everything now has to go through State Farm, which will include:

  • My medical bills, prescriptions, and time I've had to take off work
  • My rental car for however long I need it
  • Money to cover my poor, broken Grammy D.
  • Settlement for pain and suffering

It's the last point where I need help. I have not yet heard back from State Farm about a settlement (well, on any of it) yet. The info about the liability was relayed to me through my claims adjuster based on her conversation with the adjuster from State Farm. She said that the adjuster at SF was "waiting for approval." Does anyone know what that means?


I've never been in an accident where my car has been totaled, and certainly never been injured. Where do I even go from here? Do I just wait for State Farm to call? Do I call them at some point? How does a settlement work? I'm not going to sign or agree to shit, but I'd like to know wtf is going and what is going to be reimbursed when. I already had to put a $350 deposit down on my rental car and I'm pissed about it. Don't even get me started on the fact that my brain is now...whatever it is. I NEED MY BRAIN TO LIVE. I CANNOT SNARK WITHOUT IT.

Anyone a personal injury lawyer out there? Or anyone who's gone through this? I am lost.

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