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Farts are funny

I teach 2nd grade. (7/8 year-olds.)

The day before Thanksgiving break I had to address an issue we were having at the carpet. My students were doing this thing in which they forced themselves to laugh for way too long.

I was facilitating a brainstorming session on how to solve the problem.

One girl raised her hand and earnestly said, “If anyone farts on the carpet, we should all pretend it didn’t happen.”


I had a few seconds to agree before a kid in the back let out the loudest, longest fart I’ve ever heard.

I got the giggles. Normally I successfully play it off, but I couldn’t. The fart had great comic timing. I stood there helpless in front of 27 kids, laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.

The farter looked proud of himself.

I’m screwed tomorrow, right?

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