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ETA! How did I manage to forget to share the actual best part of this wedding, I. E. the lentil centerpieces (lentilpieces??) You’re welcome, future brides/grooms of GT! (The handsome chap in the background is a dapper Mr Bird; sorry for hugeness).

Just got back from an overnight trip for a cousin-in-law’s wedding. It was almost a total waste of the hotel and gas cost; however! This morning, at the post-wedding brunch at the groom’s grandparents’ house, Mr Bird and I were flipping through an album and found a nicely posed photo of the family, plus Dick Cheney holding a baby like it’s lunchtime.


ETA: basically this, but imagine a studio portrait background and a few more people. Sadly there were too many people about for me to take a photo of the real deal.

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