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Fashion 101

In June I'm going to spend a fabulous few weeks / month in Germany. Gallivanting about with friends and generally having a ridiculously good time.

However, for months now – I've been streamlining my wardrobe to what I actually wear, and realizing that my fashion sense hasn't evolved in the past decade, (The 20-year-old me would show thighs for days, but the 30-year-old me isn't as comfortable with it. No judgment on anyone else!) and that a sadly predominant portion of my wardrobe has been dying a slow death and is worn thin.

(It's really, really bad – last month I had to give in and replace all of my underwear in one go, because it was not alright, aka there has been a lot of commando days of late.)


Now, the majority of my wardrobe will slowly be replenished through trips to Goodwill and other second-hand shops, but I do have a small monthly budget set aside to expand my clothing options. Here's what I need help with:

1. Reference materials (i.e. blogs) to things that are hip and trendy: While realistically this may not end up being my "style," I have absolutely no "style" right now and need a place to start.

2. Online sources that are good for accessories, I'm looking at you belts, scarves, hats, jewelry, etc.

3. Online sources for clothes that have quality and (preferably) are sustainable, and that aren't horrendously expensive.


4. You showing up at my house and showing me how all of this fashion stuff is done. Come and dress me up!

5. Any other advice.

If it helps, I'm in the U.S. (Seattle specifically), and I grimace at price tags that are $50 or more, but would generally prefer far less than that. (Unless it's something that is beyond amazing.)


Thank you ahead of time from saving me from my own inadequate fashion sense, and not letting me show up in Germany full of hole-y clothing.

P.S. Sorry if this post comes across as silly and frivolous, but after a decade of working for non-profits, contract work, and plain not working at all - my clothing has never been a contender for my budget. And I'd rather feel fabulous and phenomenal clothing-wise on this travel splurge than not.

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