I am not fashionable. At all. So, I need help for two things I have coming up relatively quickly.

First, we are going to the opera on the 13th of next month. MitsuBT wants to get all gussied up, so he will be wearing a suit or somesuch. I own one LBD. Is that okay? Is it okay to wear LBD with black heels, as that is all I have for fancy shoes? Or so I need color or something? Do I have to wear pantyhose?! It's Hawaii. I don't think we do that here.

Also, MitsuBT is graduating from some military school thing (he's in the Air Force, trying to be vague). They are having a dinner reception ceremony thing, which I can't make, but I will be joining him and his classmates for a real dinner and then drinks that night. So everyone will be dressed up from the ceremony. Is LBD appropriate here? Dress mostly covers my tattoo, but do I need to wear something over it? Like a shawl or something? (also, what is a shawl?) Same questions as above.

Also, MitsuBT will be sewing on his rank in December...what's appropriate to wear to that? I own one LBD, one sundress (casual), and one super fancy formal dress I usually reserve for fancy weddings and I don't even know if it fits. I do own one nice fancy suit for funerals and interviews, but I don't think that's appropriate. So...I probably have to go shopping, don't I?

Sadface. I hate shopping.

What do I look for? HELP ME I AM NOT GOOD AT THIS, please. :(

Will try to upload a picture of the dress later. Thanks in advance!