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So I’m attending a wedding that I leave for in a week. I have purchased a dress and shoes, but I need to accessorize. This is my dress:

and my plan was to wear tan shoes, and then either a huge gold bib style statement necklace and no other jewelry, or huge-ass dangly earring with green and gold, and then some simple gold bangles or something. Because that’s how I pick jewelry metals. If my shoes are black or white, I wear silver, and if they’re brown, I wear gold.


But. This weekend I bought shoes in what was basically a “eh, good enough” fit because I cannot freaking find what I want. These are the shoes:

So, I have these shoes, but they’re not really tan. They’re more greige. And I’m not sure what to do with that jewelry-wise. Because greige is straddling grey and tan, and therefore fits neither of my rules. So.


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