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As we all know, it’s awards season, and celebrities & designers are breaking out the good stuff, when it comes to fashion.

Last night was apparently the 5th annual Hollywood Beauty Awards, and today a few different journalists are talking about how “Kim K’s latest gown may be one of her most iconic!” and that it’s “Risk taking!”

But my grumble, and what *no one* seems to be talking about yet, is how it really didn’t fit her well, AND that it was a vintage Mugler—the *exact* same designer as (and only a couple seasons off of) the same house that Cardi B got so much talk over for HER Grammys red carpet dress just days ago.


Now I KNOW that there *is* every possibility that Kim and her stylist were in talks with Mugler to borrow this dress weeks ago.

BUT, judging by the way the dress is cutting in & giving her the dreaded “multiboob” in most pictures, it *doesn’t* look like the dress was altered in advance to make it fit better, like one would expect if this was a dress procured so far in advance.

I know there’ve been LOTS of great conversations (especially over on The Salad Bowl & The Root!) about how Kim & her sisters have co-opted the fashion pictures & fashion choices of black women multiple times over the years (from the Paper magazine cover shoot, which was a recreation of a picture Goude originally shot using Carolina Beaumont, to the “Bo Derek braids” incident, to the “boxer braids” incident).

But *so far* the only stories I’m finding on Kim’s Mugler dress from last night, are the typical fawning ones, talking about how “edgy” and “daring” her dress choice was.


And I’m NOT seeing any which are talking about how she chose a dress from the vaults of a designer who only a week ago was being talked about like crazy, because an extremely successful young black woman decided to borrow from those same vaults and chose a dress that was truly like nothing anyone had seen in decades.

Fwiw, there *were* a couple of fit issues with Cardi’s oyster dress, too. But in her case, it was simply that compared to a runway model, Cardi’s 5'3/5'4" is a good bit shorter. The dress DID fit her well, it was just a bit long in a couple areas (particularly the low torso & bottom hem). It wasn’t like the issues Kim’s cutout-dress had, where there was obviously not enough fabric on the cross straps, so that the overbust straps cut into her skin pretty deeply**


**as someone who is large-chested, this IS an extremely common problem to have, when wearing strappy or “plunge-y” things!

It’s NOT a fault/problem with Kim’s body, it’s simply 100% a garment not fitting properly.


It’s a patternmaking/design issue.

In this case, the straps crossing the bust needed more length to fit a woman with a bust the fullness of Kim’s. The fit on a less-endowed woman (and the runway model who originally wore the garment) would be entirely different, and wouldn’t have the “cutting in” issues that are so apparent in the pictures from the event last night.

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