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Fashion help again

I bought this eShakti dress a while ago, only I got the elbow length sleeves and plan on wearing to The Nutcracker this weekend (my 27th time going :-)). But, am not entirely sure what to wear with it. On my feet will be mid-calf height black boots. But, I’m not quite sure what to do as far as leggings (black, grey, red, Star Wars), hair (up, down, half up, tiara?), and accessories.

It is a matinee performance (my aunt and uncle and I like to go to that one partially so we can have an unrushed dinner after, and partially so we can look at all the adorable dresses the little girls are wearing), so it doesn’t have to be too dressed up. But, it is one of my few chances each year to dress up a little, so I try to take advantage of that.

Now the dress comes in red, I love this black and white one, but I wish the red had been an option when I bought it.


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