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Fashion is hard - Fall outfit sharing

Especially in fall. And I am no good at it. How do people put together outfits with things that match just so easily? How they have jumpers that just happen to fit over their dresses or dress shirts and jeans and look amazing. I want to look cute too, but I either turn shapeless or have to accept being cold. I am not shapeless darnit! I have hips and a bootie. Why do I end up looking like a marshmallow in fall/winter clothes?

I want a cute pullover-dress-boots combo but I wouldn’t know which combination would work well. Why can’t I just type this into the internet and get it delivered to my house in my specs? I thought this was the future!

How do you inspire/shop for fall? What is your favourite outfit? Owned or not. What are you hoping to buy soon? Share share!

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