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Fashion Trends You Hate

Or trends you're not a big fan of. I don't really like this resurgence of the crop tops w/high waisted pants. It was ugly in the 90s and it's ugly now. The high waisted pants give you a 2 foot long flattened ass and highlight whatever belly you have. The crop top just looks unfinished. Like someone was unhappy with the bottom half and lopped it off.

This young woman's pants look like they are about 3/4 of the way through eating her alive:


Fred Mertz called, he wants his Old Man Pants back.

I'm biased because I've got big boobs with a short waist and that look is...not good for me. I'm always swimming in high waisted pants because they never sit where they are supposed to. They just kind of float around right under my boobs and destroy any semblance of the butt I have. If I'm going to wear pants (against my better judgement as pants are horrible), I'm going to wear pants that fit and enhance my tush.

What are some recent trends you just cannot get on board with?

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