Potential TW: anxiety and discussions about weight, body image and size.

So I've been watching a lot of What Not to Wear lately and it has got me thinking. I think a lot of my anxiety about my weight and appearance comes from having no idea how to dress my body. I know that there is a lot more to it than that and I'm working on dealing with that too but in the mean time it couldn't hurt to have a better idea of what the hell looks good on me.

My body has changed a lot in the past 6 years or so and I haven't been able to keep up. I've never been great at style but now I just have no idea what I'm doing so I am coming to you all for help. From the pictures I've seen you all know what's what when it comes to fashion and dressing all sorts of different body types.

So here's the deal, I'm tall. 5'10"ish and have what I guess would be called a "pear" shaped body? I don't really know. All I know is I'm much bigger on the bottom half than the top. My torso and legs are pretty evenly proportioned. I have a small chest and broadish shoulders. My waist isn't super defined and I have a little bit of a tummy. I have large hips, thighs and a big butt.


Pretty much nothing seems to look good on me, everything is always too short or too tight or too loose. I pretty much live my life in jeans (the one pair I've found that fits in all the places) and variations on the t shirt. This is fine most of the time but a change would be nice occasionally and eventually once I finish grad school and get a job I will have to make some sort of effort at looking professional.

So thoughts? Hints? Blogs? Anything?

This picture will self destruct by tomorrow probably but I thought it would be helpful. Eek! I can't believe I'm sharing this.


Grrrr! Its huge! Sorry!

EDIT: I'm not fishing for compliments or anything, I genuinely want help.