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Take a deep breath...take a deep breath...

I am amazed at the lack of compassion I'm seeing around this issue. Facebook is forbidden for me right now, because I don't want a rage stroke. I can't believe the "bootstrap" rhetoric I'm seeing. "Maybe if they applied themselves they wouldn't have to work in a fast food joint!" or "I'm in healthcare. Why should they get paid more for flipping burgers???" People! This is not about the fact that they work in fast food restaurants!!! They're just asking for a living wage! Jesus!

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The whole "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" narrative makes me ill. When I called someone out on their nonsense I was hit with "you didn't give up and work at McDonalds! You fought for something better!" (Background: when I graduated from high school there was no way I could have afforded to go to college, so I joined the Army for the college fund, and then went on to earn a degree). I just want to choke people and scream "You don't know their circumstances! Maybe this job at McDonalds is their way to work themselves out of crushing poverty! You fucking clueless, privileged douchebag!" I need to go drink wine and settle down...

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