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He’s on the Forget Me Not list now (which is reserved for cats who have been around for longer than a month) and his adoption fee went down. I can’t afford a cat right now, but look at his adoption photo!

This is his adoption profile. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH :(

My owner abandoned me, so I came here to find a new home.

People describe me as affectionate. Affectionate cats often enjoy close interactions and snuggling. We can also be a little bit shy or bashful as we adapt to a new environment, a process that may be easier in homes that have moderate activity.

People also describe me as easy going. Easy going cats are great additions to just about any home. We adapt fairly quickly to new environments and changes, so if you’re in a busier, active household, I might be right for you. We also often get along well with other pets.

Forget me not

If you’ve ever experienced being picked last at a team draft or a dance, you know how I feel. For some reason, prospective adopters have passed me by without getting to know me and what a great pet I could be if given a chance. The staff and volunteers know how special I am and hope that you consider me when you’re looking for a new pet.


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