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And now Mr Fat Caterpillar's family expects me to change my name. His grandfather commented on some random FB post (ABOUT FUCKING CORGIS, WHO WANTS TO BRING SOMETHING AS AMAZING AS CORGIS DOWN LIKE THAT???) that I wasn't a (maiden name) now, and that I needed to hurry up and change my name on Facebook.

Which is like, the last thing on my mind after getting home from our wedding/honeymoon. I wanted to catch up on Game of Thrones, do some washing, maybe eat my way through another jar of Nutella, and go through the never-ending pile of mail and bills. I don't have any Australian identification and we don't have any official paperwork to send to the US, so why the hell do I need to change my name on Facebook?? WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO PEOPLE THAT I CHANGE MY NAME???


I've got 5 more years on my passport and a month until I need to lodge my permanent residency paperwork over here, and neither of those requires me to change my legal name. But more importantly, I LIKE my last name. I have a unique last name, Mr Caterpillar has an incredibly boring last name and two older brothers who have wives that also have that same boring last name. Even though his parents are divorced, Mr Caterpillar's mum kept that last name so I'm literally SURROUNDED by women named "Mrs Boring Last Name". Not to mention his entire family acted like assholes in the week leading up to our wedding and if I don't see them again until Christmas I'll be thrilled. So I'm not at all eager to go from Very Hungry Fat Caterpillar to Super Boring and Dull Generic Last Name that Also Reminds You of People You Have No Respect For At All Period Full Stop.

Anyway, I'm here to vent. I will post something about the wedding (which was horrible until the actual wedding, then it was amazing and everything everyone said it would be because I didn't have to worry about making other people happy anymore, which I spent a lot of time doing and honestly, it made me homicidal) at a later date, but right now I'm just pissed that even though these people KNOW me, they still just assume I'm going to give up my identity to become someone's WIFE.


(It's worth noting that Mr Caterpillar gives exactly zero fucks what I call myself and he wishes I wouldn't be so irritated at his grandpa, because his grandpa is old, but I have had it with his family.)

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