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:( Fat shaming

Guys, I'm skipping my hot yoga class today 'cuz the people there (specifically, two other yoga instructors who take the "beginner's" class for some reason, not the actual teacher of my class or the "real" students) are gross and fat-shamey.

Last week, they were literally whispering and making grossed out faces while staring at me. They both looked away quickly when they realized I saw them.

I still totally did my thing and hung in the whole class with all the skinny folk.


Normally, I'd totally go and be a size-proud warrior but I'm too tired to put up with middle school bullshit during what's meant to be a relaxing, spiritual time.

I'll go next week but today I'm going to watch scary movies, drink coffee, and paint my nails instead.

Fuck 'em.

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