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Fat Shaming At The Doctor's Office. What Would You Do?

Do any of you ever say no to the scale when going to the doctor's office? Do you ever say anything back when you get fat shamed at the doctor's office?

I got in a HUGE fight with the skinny nurse today and I'm still mad. I wish I'd put things better but honestly, she was clearly SO set in her ways there was no point. Of COURSE I'm going to change doctors, but I'd be interested in hearing what you would have said.

I just moved to this town and it was my second time at this doctor's in a month because I cannot seem to shake this cough. He had my weight from three weeks ago.


(Now, keep in mind, in Philadelphia, I had a GREAT doctor. He and I had a deal. As long as my b/p, cholesterol numbers were good and I was exercising, I didn't have to step on the scale more than once a year unless there was some specific reason. He never made me feel ashamed about my weight or blamed my getting crazy diseases (chicken pox twice?) on my weight. When I was ready to lose weight, I could talk to him openly and not feel like I had to wear a suit of armor.)

Back in Kansas, when I said no to the skinny nurse and the scale, she started giving me this lecture about how the doctors needed my weight. She started giving me the concern troll you're fat and therefore are a medical bullet waiting to happen. I pointed out that I was JUST weighed. That my cholesterol and other numbers were fine. And that I was there for a cough.

I mentioned that I have several friends who refuse to go to the doctor because they do not want to get the fat shaming lecture she just gave me.

She got all righteous and was like .. well they need to adjust the medical dosage. No lady, a Z-pak is a Z-pak. I'm not here for my thyroid or for chemo.


She just kept going on and on about how everybody needed to get weighed every single time and that maybe if they were aware of their weight they would do something about it. And we were having this argument AS SHE WAS TAKING MY BLOOD PRESSURE. Which is normally fine, but for some reason! it was high. It probably has to do with my weight, she said, which made me want to clock her.

Anyway. She finally left. I have strep and steroids and a Z-pak. I told the doctor that I didn't think a weight lecture was really appropriate for someone coming in with a cough and he's all "she's just trying to help."




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