So I have to brag just a little bit because I'm so stoked! I'm preparing to teach a Fat Studies class in July—first time I've ever taught it. (It is a branch off the class I've been teaching for a few years called Feminism and the Body. I kept wanting to explore the section on fat more deeply and my department gave me permission this summer.)

So far, thanks to Facebook, I've lined up Heidi from Attack of the Sugar Monster and Marilyn Wann to speak to my class via Skype. Then I screwed up my courage and asked Hanne Blank to do the same, and she said, "You know, I'm moving to Atlanta soon. Why don't I just come and visit your class instead?"

DUDE. You have NO IDEA how much I'm fangirling about this! My students are going to have an AWESOME class!

That is all. :D