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Fat Studies Poems, the Final Frontier

So, the semester (and thus my Fat Studies class) ended yesterday and, although I haven't read my course evals yet, I think it went pretty well. I was feeling a bit uncertain about the class earlier this week; I think I am perhaps slightly better at teaching classes that cover a broad spectrum of information as opposed to classes that analyze a single issue in depth. I am not trained in the humanities, so things like "close readings" are not my forte, and I felt that perhaps the material was getting a little repetitive towards the end of the (very short!) semester. I had the same sense last semester in my gender and pop culture class when I tried to focus only on the topic of vampires; perhaps it's just not how I'm cut out to teach. I think I was probably being overly hard on myself, though, after talking to students. The class was brand new and it always takes a bit of time to figure out what readings work, what material to cover, what questions best prompt discussion, and so on. When I discussed the class with students they felt like the topic had a lot of potential and that their learning experiences were pretty valuable, so that gave me the motivation to try the class again. Perhaps next summer! :)

Here are the final poems:

Honestly, this one wasn't my favorite. Just a personal preference, but I don't need to hear about brain-jizz. I included it in class though, in part because I'd only featured one other male poet, and in part because I was running out of options. :P

The first "Fat Girl Blues."

The second "Fat Girl Blues."

And finally, one not about fat specifically, but about the beauty standards women are subjected to in the media.


Thanks, everyone, for coming on this journey with me! :)

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