So today is Fat Tuesday, which is the traditional EAT ALL THE THINGS day before Lent. It is also the last day in which I can tolerate a lot of my friends because there is a certain group of them who give up something for Lent and proceed to WHINE about it for the next what, 40 days?

It feels like years, to be honest. I've found that the ones who are genuinely devout give something up and just deal with it. It's the ones who don't set foot inside a church except MAYBE on Xmas and Easter (and not even then, most of them) that do a tremendous amount of bitching about how they "gave up" coffee or sugar or masturbation or whatever the fuck.





If you're going to whine about it for the next month and a half, then tell me: what is the point? What is the lesson you're trying to learn and/or teach others? Is it for show? OF COURSE IT'S FOR SHOW, YOU GODLESS HEATHEN.

I know of at least one person who claims to not even believe in God, yet she is giving up sugar for Lent and I am going to strangle her. It's a good thing for us all that she lives halfway across the country from me.

Do you give something up for Lent? Is it because that's how you choose to follow your faith or do you just do it because it gives you something to talk about? What is the supposed spiritual benefit of giving something up? I was raised by two hardcore atheists and now I'm an atheist Jew (long story), so some of the reasoning behind these kinds of things escapes me.