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Fate has deemed that I shampoo my carpet.

I bought a bottle of Woolite this weekend. Not a grocery store bottle. A giant Costco bottle. It was left by the front door because I was not quite out of detergent. This morning, I found that it was knocked over and the cap was completely off the bottle.

Almost a full gallon of Woolite soaking into the carpet.

I borrowed my parents carpet cleaner after work and have sucked enough water through the carpet to empty the waste tank 3 times. I will probably be at this most of the evening and tomorrow when I get home from work. The 3 foot x 6 foot swath of carpet from our tv to the front door is going to be the cleanest 10 year old carpet you have ever seen.


If I would have chosen to wash the carpet, I would not have done it with Woolite for Dark clothes. (Although the carpet is dark blue, so maybe it was a better choice than most.)

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