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Father convicted in son's meningitis death will go to prison

Collet and David Stephan—who were convicted in April of failing to provide the necessaries of life to their son Ezekiel after he died of bacterial meningitis—have been sentenced. David got 4 months jail time and Collet 3 got months house arrest. Both get 2 years probation as well.

Sentencing arguments took 13 hours yesterday, but the judge wanted them over and done with in one day. It’s pretty unusual for a sentence to come down so quickly after arguments, but it was clearly Justice Jerke’s plan from the get-go.

The crown had been asking for 3-4 years (the maximum was 5) but everything I was able to find from legal experts said they were doubtful there would be any jail time at all. I’m glad to see the judge set a precedent with some—even if it still feels like far too little. It sounds like the judge was particularly frustrated by David’s anti-vaccine interviews, and said he’d shown no remorse.


I don’t want to go through every rage inducing thing that was said at the hearing yesterday—sounds like it was a total shitshow for the defense—but stick with me for this one rage moment please.

Yep. That would be right.

The whole thing is terribly sad. I’m not sure there is any victory in this for anyone in my opinion, but I’m glad to see the standard has been set.


EDIT: Oops. I posted this too quickly! The judge continued and said all three of the Stephan’s children must visit a doctor every three months during probation!

Now that is a damn victory!

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