Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Translated by me:

GF: For about 14 years humans in their stupidity since humans are stupid have mocked the Sky King with fake thunder and weird looking lightning.


Me: It far greater then 14 years.

GF: Stupid humans have been mocking the Sky King before I was born?

Me: Yeah

BF: Makes sense humans are very stupid. Not you daddy or your mommy.

GF: Right of course. Mocking the Sky King also makes the Goddess angry.

Me: Why?

BF: You keep her awake and could make her child deaf.

Me: Oh the moon.

GF: This is why climate change is happening. You mock the Sky King with fake thunder and lightning, create bad clouds that stop the Goddess her life giving light on all of us. Humans are stupid.


BF: If humans stopped July 4th fake thunder and lightning it would show respect for.the Sky King and maybe he will send less real lightning and thunder.

Me: Stop tornadoes and hurricanes?

GF: When stupid humans become less stupid. Maybe the Goddess will be kinder. All nonhumams would be thankful if humans were not so stupid.


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