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So this ad is everywhere, showing little kids and their fathers. Plus there the whole thread earlier about the song you danced to with your father at your wedding. It was really sweet.

I love hearing the stories my friends have about being their father's princess. I wish I could've known, just for a second, what that was like.

My father was incredibly cruel and narcissistic. He was handsome and smart. Unfortunately his first child turned out to be a fat, ugly, awkward kid who preferred books to people because they were safer. He wanted nothing to do with me, and told me boys wouldn't like me if I didn't lose weight. I didn't. They didn't.


I mostly tried to stay out of his way. My sister was the pretty, popular cheerleader and my brother was the handsome, popular baseball player. He never knew what I majored in, or saw my bylines covering national news.

Anyway, he died on Father's Day about 10 years ago. I didn't get there in time. I didn't really have anything to say anymore anyway. Apparently he told his new wife that he had things to say to me. I doubt "I'm sorry" would have been in those words. I'm glad he's dead. He can't hurt me or anyone else in my family anymore.

But sometimes I wonder what I'd be like now if I'd had a father who loved me. Who let me cry on him like the girl in the commercial. I wished he'd been able to see a princess in the beast, so that maybe one day I could see her too.

Ah well.

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