Apparently Fox News pundits Chris Wallace, George Will and Brit Hume felt the need to weigh in on the #BringBackOurGirls movement. As expected, the Fox News talking heads delivered a thoughtful and informative discussion on hashtag activism in general as well as #BringBackOurGirls specifically.

For those of you who can't stand watching even two minutes of Fox News (I completely understand - it can be rage inducing even in very small doses), I will summarize.

Host Chris Wallace is amazed that hashtag activism is actually thing and even has a name. [Apparently he missed the whole Arab Spring movement beginning back in 2010 which may be the first time I heard about the use of twitter and other social media as an activist tool. I guess he also missed Occupy Wall Street protesters following the lead of the Arab Spring protesters and also using twitter as part of their movement. Plus many other examples both big and small over the past few years.] Next, George Will talks about how he considers the #BringBackOurGirls movement completely ineffective/nothing more than an embarrassing exercise in self-esteem. He also starts rambling on about climate change and incandescent light bulbs because I guess that's what one does on Fox. Brit Hume just thinks he's hilarious talking about twitter.

I would like to say these gentlemen arrogant assholes were schooled by AP reporter Julie Pace who explained:

I don't think anyone is saying that by standing there taking a picture of yourself holding a sign, you're going to get these girls back. But you have to remember, this is something that had really not been talked about, not even by the Nigerian government itself, before this started to really take hold on social media. Now, what it has done is put some pressure on the Nigerian government to accept some international assistance and to raise questions about you know why they haven't done that previously. So standing there holding a sign does not bring the girls back but it could ratchet up the pressure that could lead to some more international assistance.


However, schooled implies that these blowhards might actually learn something.

Thank you to AllYouCanEatNews for posting the video on YouTube.

ETA: These school girls were kidnapped on the night of April 14th/15th. I wonder when Fox News first reported on their kidnapping and what prompted them to do so. I mean, it couldn't possibly be because of the awareness and pressure created by social media. No, I'm sure they reported on it extensively back on April 15th or maybe April 16th at the latest.