A few years ago I had a breast reduction and went from a 32H to a 36D or 36DD. May not seem like much but the doc took over 3 lbs off and it’s made a world of difference, so I will take that D/DD cup! haha. I have two nice-but-not-everyday-comfortable bras from Soma that have a memory foam underwire in my new size, but for the past few years I’ve stuck to sports bras from Soma-no padding, no underwire, etc. This is mostly due to being nervous about bra shopping, leftover soreness, and I have some knotted scar tissue on the inside of my breast where an underwire or underwire-like thing (?) would go.

Now that I am losing weight (and losing a bit of weight in my chest now that the hormonal tissue is out) and a bit more comfortable with my body, I thought I would try to find something nicer and more form-shaping than a sports bra to wear every day. I am looking for front closure, thicker straps, NO PADDING (I did not get carved up like a ham on Easter just to wear a padded bra haha) that is cute but that I can wear every day. Doc says not to do underwires or any material that could press against the scar tissue. Do yinz have any brands that you recommend? When I was last at Soma they didn’t have any styles like this, so any online retailers that I could check out would be helpful, too!

Thanks, GT!