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Favorite Cheap Cosmetics

I’m working from home all weekend (sad but I’m kind of glad I’ll have a minute to get caught up on some things without people bothering me). I just bought a bunch of stuff from Ulta and just thought we could share some of our favorite inexpensive products.

I tend to go pretty high end on my cosmetics, but I have a few cheaper things I swear by (prices from Ulta):

Maybelline Volum’ Express “Colossal” Mascara. $6.99 I am lucky in that I have long, thick eyelashes naturally, but I feel like this mascara really takes it a step further. I tried more expensive stuff and I never felt like it was worth it, ever. One trick someone taught me was to hold onto the brushes for expensive tubes - so I put on the “Colossal” with a more high end brush and it’s the best result I’ve ever gotten.


Ulta Ageless Night Cream. $20.00 I’m only 30 so while I am conscious of aging, I can’t really speak to that angle. But I have a LOT of issues with dry skin, wherein my skin dries itself out and heavy moisturizing, no matter how high end the product and no matter how many other people review it well, makes me oily and pimply. It’s weird to have dry skin in a humid environment, I think. Anyway, this night cream makes my skin feel AMAZING and has been helping a lot to control breakouts. Note: I realize $20 is not actually all that cheap for a moisturizer, but those night creams tend to get REALLY pricey.

Palladio Herbal Foundation Primer. I’m a big fan of primers, and I have tried tons. I’ve mentioned this product on GT before (in replies) but I just cannot tell you enough how much I love it. I love it more than Smashbox, Tarte, Benefit - more than all of these more expensive ones. Some primers offer pore-filling and some color coverage, but this one is simple and just removes the oil from your skin and helps that makeup stick ALL DAY. So perfect for summer, and ends up being a lot better than trying to cake on the makeup or reapply all day.

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