My mom is a Canadian and her mother was a war-bride from England. I think a few childhood favorites were a reflection of their background, most chiefly among them digestive biscuits. They aren't as popular in the US so I don't eat them that much here but they do always remind me of my childhood, in this nostalgic way.

Peek Freens in general, remind me of being a little kid, particularly the ones with the jelly in the middle. I lived for the jelly.

My mom is from New Brunswick and they have some interesting foods, like Dulse. But also the best Molasses cookies anywhere. Whenever we go up there, we load up with Molasses cookies from Sobeys. They really are the best. THE BEST.

It also reminds me that my grandpa used to have a jar of Canada Mints that he would share with me when I visited him at his job, where he was a Canadian customs officer in a very small boarder town, across the street from his house.


Being from Northern Maine, the other things we had were all the French Canadian/Acadien foods. Chiefly among them was Cretons, which we put on bread with mustard. And while there were rumors that they were in fact made from pig brains, I am glad to say that in fact they weren't. Just random pig parts. Other foods include spiced meat pies and ployes.

So, what say you guys? Nostalgia foods. Show me yours.