An earlier post reminded me that I absolutely love the music from Aladdin. You know what? I love just about every song in Disney animated films. They are basically Broadway in animated form and I love Broadway so it only makes sense.

One of my very favorites is I’ll Make A Man Out of You from Mulan.

Not only is the song great but the message of it is pretty awesome aka little lady Mulan can do all the things the dudes do and better. She’s totally suited for the rage of war even though she’s a woman.

I also love Once Upon A Dream from the best Disney film ever:

Yeah, Philip is totally creeping here and it’s kinda funny/awful that Aurora’s like, “You’re a stranger!” and he’s all, “We’ve totally met before in your dreams!” and she’s like, “Ok, let’s dance!” But what I love about the song is that it’s operatic and gorgeous. Also Prince Philip is the best looking, most charming Disney Prince with the best personality and the best singing voice. YEAH I SAID IT.


Lastly, I gotta give some love to Belle singing about how lame her village is in Little Town:

It was the song that made me want to learn French and also inspired me to use “Bonjour” for both greetings and goodbyes for about 3 years as a child. Plus it made me feel not so weird for being a kid who really liked books. This song makes those villagers look like jackasses for thinking Belle is weird for enjoying reading.


Shoutout to all the music in Aladdin though. It’s the best!

What are your favorite songs from Disney films?