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Favorite Easter Movie

Until my late grandmother’s death each Easter night she would insist on us watching The Ten Commandments. Bah I truly hate that movie. The Charlton Heston movie.

It was not on every year during the day but when my late grandmother was home during Easter day she would watch Lillies In The Field. I always disliked it but not the intensity of Ten Commandments..

Of course neither film compares to the Easter time drek movie nuns showed us twice once in 6th and then 8th grade. It was in reel to reel. The Miracle Of The Lady of Fatima. Gag me with a spoon comes in mind.

If you never saw it consider yourself lucky. I remember the nun showing it to us 8th graders that one wrote a prophecy that Mary said that is about end of the world. Being a naive kid I believed her. Of course if the nun gave a hint that the name had initials DT or it involved another name of.a card used in poker. Ok..


Your favorite. I want to say my grandmother’s was Ten Commandments.

Jesus Christ Superstar with Ted Neely should be an Eastertime movie. Not sure why it is not. I could get behind this as a favorite.

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