Who are yours? Your #relationshipgoals from books, TV, movies, video games, etc.

Zoe and Wash (Firefly)- Zoe is a badass soldier who lets her softer side out around her husband, the show’s comic relief. And then Joss Whedon destroyed us. Choice quote: “Sir? I’d like you to take the helm, please. I need this man to tear all my clothes off.”

Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter (Marvel)- Super competent people on their own, but so sweet together (in what little time they have, anyway).


Root and Sameen Shaw (Person of Interest)- Their murderous flirtation was one of the best parts of the show, but we love that it got serious when Root called her to flirt one last time before dying (only for Shaw to stalk up and save their asses). Choice quote: “You and I together would be like a four-alarm fire in an oil refinery.”

Jamie and Claire (Outlander)- Need anything be said here? A love so strong that it can burn for 20 years of not seeing each other. Choice quote: “When the day shall come that we do part, if my last words are not ‘I love you’-ye’ll ken it was because I didna have time.”


Beatrice and Benedick (Much Ado About Nothing)- Okay, I have a weakness for love through verbal jabs and these two parry and thrust to put any to shame. Choice quote: “I do love nothing in the world so well as you. Is not that strange?”


Baze and Chirrut (Rogue One)- The blind monk/martial arts master and the disillusioned assassin. The movie plays coy with their romantic/platonic status, but I’m obsessed with their old married couple vibe. Choice quote: “I don’t need luck, I have you.”

God, I’m probably forgetting so many of my favorites. What are your thoughts?