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Favorite fruit, vegetable, grain, or legume? OT

I love peppers. More than anything else. It’s my favorite time of the summer where I can make pepper salads and they are fucking awesome. I love the crispiness and the slight variation in sweetness and flavor and next summer I am planting even more varieties of pepper so I can be more pepper self-sufficient. This summer I only planted 4 total - 1 each of cubanelle (underwhelming so far, unsure why there aren’t more fruit), sweet banana (holy fuck this plant is going to town and I LOVE IT), marconi (only picked 6 so far, but they’re like 8 inches of pepper so hells yeah), and jalapeno (not yielded that many but that’s okay, I don’t need a lot of these).


Currently chomping away on a salad with banana and marconi peppers from my garden plus gypsy, poblano, and bell peppers from the farmer’s market. There’s some other veggies in there, too, but let’s be real we all know I mostly care about the peppers.


What is your hand’s down favorite thing in the fruit or veggie or grain or legume world? Are you obsessed with rice and love having half a dozen varieties in your pantry? Do you do the happy dance when you get to the store and they have the cotton candy grapes? Do you drive out to a specific store because that’s the only place in town you can good manila mangoes?

Share your favorite and let’s chit chat.

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