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Favorite Hair Conditioner...GO!

I’m in the market for a new one. Not for any reason other than I need to buy a new bottle and I wasn’t particularly attached to the one I’ve been using.

Relevant Information:

  • I have white people hair. It’s very thick, very wavy, very coarse.
  • My hair is between a 2a and 2b from the image (depends on humidity).
  • I shampoo/condition about every 7-10 days (using dry shampoo if needed in the interim).
  • I use about 2x as much conditioner as shampoo - probably need something kind of heavy duty. Or do I? I dunno.
  • My priorities are to keep things soft and from getting too tangled - my hair is pretty wild (the infrequent washes help this tremendously).
  • I don’t particularly need high end, but if a product is awesome, I’ll pay for it. I’d like to set a max of like $20 probably though (I mean, ideally more in the like, $8 range haha).

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