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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Favorite Halloween Treats and stuff you hated OT

What was your favorite thing to get on Halloween? What was the least favorite?

My favorite was those little boxes of Nerds candies. Least favorite was the nice lady up the street who was a dental hygienist and gave out toothbrushes.


Did you use a pail or a plastic pumpkin?

I always used and old pillowcase. :)

Are there any local traditions where you grew up or live now?

St. Louis has this thing (more chill now) where you had to have a joke or a trick to get candy. Like it was a thing to learn a joke to tell for candy, and good jokes got more candy from the good houses. When I was off in northern Missouri for college, the kids just had baskets and were like “trick or treat!” and I sounded like a curmudgeon when I expected them to have a joke.


Finally, if you have any truly weird Halloween stories, please share. When I was in college, that small asshole conservative town flipped their shit one year that Halloween was on a Sunday because OMG it’s the lord’s day not a day for evil things like witch or devil costumes. So on Tuesday/Wednesday of the week of Halloween, the fucking town council cancelled Halloween and told everyone they’d have to go out Friday instead. But folks weren’t ready with candy, costumes, pumpkins, etc, so shit was really sad that year for the kiddos. 

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