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Favorite Holiday Song and Version

Hey all, let’s crowdsource some good holiday music. Post a favorite and what sets it apart from other versions (if it’s one that has been done a gazillion times) or what you like about it if it’s an original one.

My favorite newer version of an existing song is Michael Buble’s and Thalia’s “Feliz Navidad.” I love the sincerity and sweetness of the original, and it’s not a Christmas song that reminds me of dead relatives and makes me cry. Their version has some extra lyrics that are lovely (“celebremos juntos la vida y que viva la alegria” celebrate live together and live with joy). I can overlook his phonetic attempts at Spanish, he does decent enough.

Regarding original holiday music, I want to recommend Brandi Carlile’s “The Heartache Can Wait.” It’s weird that I love this song, especially after I was all I don’t wanna think about dead relatives and cry (like “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” does to me — it’s that “if only in my dreams” line). I love that this song is about a relationship ending, but wanting to enjoy what is left.

Bonus song - “Toy Jackpot” from that awesome Target commercial several years ago that was played in reverse of the kids running down the steps and diving into their Christmas gifts.

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