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Favorite/Least Favorite Christmas novel, novella or short story

I have never been a fan of Christmas novels, novellas or short story. I am sure there are worst and better then these. I tend to ignore Christmas novels, novellas and short stories like the plague.

For me the best Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol.

I also liked a book which I picked up on a whim at a thrift shop right before Christmas in the late 2000s. Holiday With A Vampire. It was two novella’s which were quite enjoyable. This and Holiday With A Vampire II are the only Nocturne books I have read. Others good? Book two was not as good. Any Nocturne fans? And which ones to read.


The worst nay a book that rivals Hope To Die for being horrible by James Patterson in fact I would say Merry Christmas, Alex Cross is dumber. One Christmas Cross defuses a hostage situation and AND provides family counseling at the same time. Then while its still Christmas Alex helps prevent a terror attack on the DC city train from getting worse but also tracks down the terrorist mastermind and convinces her to gIve the info to the Feds because of her children. All in one day.

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