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Favorite Life Tips Blogs?

The post yesterday about Lifehacker got me thinking about other blogs I regularly read for general tips and tricks for daily life. Which are your favorites?

These are my favorites, in no particular order:


Adulting I think has actually stopped posting somewhat, but she is wealth of interesting advice.

Granted, there are a handful of guest posts that make me roll my eyes because not everyone’s solution to money problems will be “I did some more freelance writing”. But overall I find the stories interesting and sometimes valuable.


A solid mix of fitness, food, and general health posts. There are a lot of personal anecdotes about body image, recipes, and quickie workouts (that I never use).


I’ve been a huge fan of Offbeat Home for a while. And theirs is the only wedding subblog I don’t actually hate.


For the days when I am overwhelmed and want to deep spring clean, but also not really.


A relatively new blog, but I’m excited to see what they do with it.


I use them all the time to look up rates, so I know what’s going to be the best choices for my money.

Obviously no one site is gospel, but they all have their values. The one blog I haven’t been able to find and stick with is a good, solid style blog. Does anyone dress like a grown up anymore?

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