Unless you are a French speaker, most are probably not familiar with Francis Cabrel. He is my all-time, forever favorite artist. He’s been putting out music for over 40 years and recently release his latest CD, In Extremis. As always, I am in love.

What I love about his lyrics is that he can take huge complex issues - immigration, racism, religious intolerance, pollution, isolation, war, animal cruelty - and personalize/humanize them in a way that is both simple and poetic. He also writes songs of every day people and every day experiences - factory workers, the change of the seasons - that reveal both the beauty and the pain of life. His love songs are not treacly confections, but rather stripped down, honest stories of companionship and depth regardless if it is lasting love or love lost.

If this has piqued your interest, below are a few links (very hard to find any that aren’t live or covers)


What artist(s), for you, have stood the test of time and make your favorite list?

African Tour - live

La Corrida


Said et Mohamed


Les Chevaliers Cathares