Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I was at a small social gathering yesterday were we ended up telling people watching stories. Bralock mandated I tell my St. Patrick’s Day story.

St. Patrick’s Day, 2007. I was living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A group of us met up for a day of debauchery that included a snowball fight, tattoos (I abstained), and lots of boozy people watching. We couldn’t get into Spotted Pig and ended up going to Cowgirl for a late lunch. The meal was pretty standard, and it wasn’t until we left that it became apparent that it was St. Patrick’s Day. We were congregating on the sidewalk after paying, planning our next move, when a cab came to a screeching halt in the intersection. The back passenger door flew open, a guy leaned out of the cab, barfed, closed the car door, and the cab sped off. We all chuckled to each other and continued on our way. As we were approaching the next bar, I noticed a finance-bro making a scene. He was gesturing to his fellow gaggle of bros. He swaggered up to the corner mailbox, lowered the flap, and started peeing. Several in our group were rightfully disgusted and were about to go pull him away until I pointed out something key.


He had forgotten to unzip his pants.

What are some of your favorite people watching stories?

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