Two songs I love are about sex but its a read between the lines kind of song.

Dim All The Lights by the late Donna Summers. She was so talented and love this song. It was also covered by Laura Branigan in early 1980s. Amazingly this never became a standard used by other singers. Maybe because beat is discoey.

I interpret it as a sex song about a couple’s first time having sex.

Next song is Angel of The Morning. There is an incredible innocence about the song. When I grew up I came to the conclusion it was in some ways a “coming of age” song about losing one’s virginity. Singer is Juice Mewton.

Note: My interpretations could be wrong.

What is your fav song about sex but needs to be interpreted ie the writer does not say “its about sex”.

I wrote this post now as a way to mentally distract me from the election.